Reggie Bush Pregnant Side Chick Claims He Wanted The Baby


So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock then I’m guessing you’ve heard that Reggie Bush got his side chick Monique Exposito knocked up some time last year. Back in November when it all came out, Reggie Bush said that he didn’t want anything to do with Monique or the baby, and would even pay 3 million dollars for her to have an abortion. However it has recently emerged that Monique has a recording of Reggie Bush saying it’s okay for her to have the baby. Apparently Monique had told Reggie Bush that she wanted mixed race babies with nice hair etc… and like a damn fool, Reggie Bush still went and had unprotected sex with her, making sure not to pull out.

Wellll….. Monique Exposito has since gone on to marry a rich man who was supposedly an immigrant at the time. Now many people are claiming that he only married her for the papers because it has recently come to light that he is now filing for a divorce with Monique. In America, being married means that you have to take full responsibility for the child and I’m guessing that he wants nothing to do with that, especially as it’s not his child. He has claimed that him and Monique haven’t had sex in a few months so he knows it’s not his baby.

In light of this pending divorce, Monique is now filing for child support. She is definitely making sure that she protects herself financially because Reggie Bush supposedly doesn’t want anything to do with the baby, and her husband is filing for a divorce so she will be a single mother.

My Opinion!

I personally understand why she’s cashing in on the baby because if a man wants to have unprotected sex then he has to deal with the consequences. There are too many men running around getting women pregnant and then getting mad when she asks for financial help in raising the baby. Also Reggie Bush knew exactly what he was doing. He cheated on his beautiful wife with a jump-off and unfortunately he has to lay in the bed that he’s made for himself. In regards to Monique’s current husband – well done to him. I as a man would not want to be in a relationship taking responsibility for a child that I know is not mine. I think it’s always wrong for someone to marry for papers but since he has them, why stick around and be a part of a messy situation?

Anyway guys what are your thoughts? Are you #TeamReggie or #TeamMonique. Do you feel bad for any of them? Let me know in the comments below.




1 Comment on Reggie Bush Pregnant Side Chick Claims He Wanted The Baby

  1. Don’t feel bad for neither, they made a choice to cheat on their spouses, twasnt at gun point


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